Secret Fan Paula Abdul Praises Annie Suwan’s Glam IG Selfie

Annie posted a hot new selfie on Instagram and got a surprising shout out from 1980s pop superstar and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

Annie Suwan of 90 Day Fiancé recently posted a gorgeous new selfie on Instagram and though she expected to get compliments, Annie never could have imagined she would get a shoutout from one of the biggest music superstars of the ’80s. Annie and her husband David are very active on social media, so it’s no surprise that they get a lot of feedback from fans. However, sometimes those fans aren’t who you’d expect, and Annie just learned that pop star and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul is one of them.

Viewers first met David and Annie on season 5, but since then they’ve been mainstays in the franchise, appearing on multiple spin-offs. Although fans had their doubts about the couple at first, it’s become clear that David and Annie are truly enamored of each other. Since their first season in the franchise, the couple has been living in Arizona, and Annie has been evolving her personal style on social media to great praise.

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Annie’s new Instagram selfie may be her best one yet, and she looks fantastic. Her makeup is on point, hair is stunning, and she’s clearly feeling her look. As per usual, her husband David complimented her photo, saying “you are so beautiful my Teerak.” And another 90 Day Fiancé alum, Anny Francisco, commented on her beautiful hair color. But Paula Abdul also stopped by to compliment Annie on her glam look, simply saying “Beautiful girl.

Although it started out as a bit of an underdog series, 90 Day Fiancé has grown into an into an immensely popular franchise. There are several celebrities who have come out as fans of the show and commented on it. Actor Seth Rogan has tweeted about Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi of season 8 as well as Colt Johnson from season 6. Now it seems that Paula Abdul is the latest to join the celebrity 90 Day Fiancé fan club. 

Well-known stars taking note of 90 Day Fiancé shows just how far the franchise has come and how popular it is now. Paula Abdul is clearly a big enough fan of the show that she follows both Annie and David on Instagram. David revealed in the comments that he and Annie are fans of Paula’s, so they must be feeling a little star struck. It’s an undeniable ego boost to get a compliment from someone so famous, and Annie certainly deserves it.

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Source: Annie Suwan/Instagram

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