Shoppers delighted with hanging egg chair £100 cheaper than Aldi version

Hanging chairs have become popular over the past year, principally thanks to Aldi’s rattan version that thousands of Britons try to get their hands on every time it is restocked. However, there are other hanging chairs available, and one is much cheaper than Aldi’s.

Wayfair is selling a hanging chair for only £45.99.

The furniture company has plenty of hanging garden chairs available on its website, but one of the cheapest versions is the Abbingt Hanging Chair.

This product also looks similar to Aldi’s hanging egg chair, and it seems that it is becoming almost as popular.

The chair has been a part of Wayfair’s stock for over a year, but with lockdown easing and the weather becoming warmer, there has been a newfound interest in the product.

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The last time Aldi’s hanging chair was reintroduced to the supermarket’s range, over 87,000 people were stuck in a virtual queue, waiting to buy the product.

Unfortunately, many customers missed out as the chair is extremely popular and there was limited stock available.

Some customers were angry that they had waited hours online yet had ended up with nothing.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Was online since midnight, this is what I found after 8 am, no option to add to basket and now a message stating it’s sold out. That’s it for me, never going to buy anything from you.”

Another person added: “I don’t believe the Egg Chairs ever existed, was mug enough to go through the whole ‘no add to basket button/refresh/website’s crashed/sold out’ panto. Won’t get fooled again.”

Wayfair’s hanging chair may be Britons’ saving grace.

Featuring a white and blue striped cushion, the chair hangs from a wooden bar and is easy to attach to a tree branch or another sturdy object you may have in the garden.

The chair is also suitable for indoor use.

Customers have reviewed the chair in recent days, with many praising it for its comfort and style.

One person wrote on the Wayfair website: “What a great purchase, easy to put up and so reasonably priced.”

Another said: “Really comfy & sturdy. Looks great too.”

One person wrote: “Bargain! Sturdy, roomy and fun.”

Another customer added: “It has a fresh design, quality build and fairly small footprint. We hang it on our balcony, to avoid having to use the standard table and two chairs configuration.”

One person said: “A high quality product at a competitive price which was well packaged and arrived on schedule. Would definitely recommend.”

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