Showtime Servers Crash Ahead of Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul Fight

Showtime angers fans anxiously waiting to watch the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight as the network’s servers crash.

Showtime’s servers have crashed ahead of Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Logan Paul. Paul started gaining fame with his outrageous YouTube videos but has recently started a career fighting in the MMA. Paul doesn’t have much experience as a fighter but his drastic switch in his career drew attention from fans when he fought fellow YouTuber KSI. His fight tonight with Mayweather has gained much more media attention however as Mayweather is a renowned boxer with a 50-0 record when he retired in 2017.

As Showtime tweeted out the match would start in 30 minutes, angry fans responded saying their servers have crashed. The networker will hopefully get their servers working shortly as viewers have already paid $49.99 to watch the fight.



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