Sophie & Camilla: Both women have brooches paying tribute to Prince Philip

Both Camilla and Sophie have worn the silver Bugle Horn of The Rifles brooch many times in the past. Encrusted in silver, there are two versions of the brooch – both almost exactly the same.

The Countess’ earrings were dangling and featured tiny multicoloured gems, mostly green and red.

On her left lapel were two silver brooches, pinned one above the other.

The top brooch was in the shape of a flower, while the other was the Bugle Horn of The Rifles brooch.

Sophie paid tribute to the late Prince Philip while wearing the brooch because it is a symbol of the regiment he was Colonel-in-Chief of before passing the military title on to Camilla in July last year.

According to Clarence House, the silver Bugle Horn is used as the cap badge of The Rifles and is worn by Riflemen today.

Considered to be the ideal replacement for the drum, the bugle horn was adopted by the Light Infantry and later Rifle Regiments from the early 1800s to pass orders across the battlefield.

The silver brooches were commissioned by The Rifles and one was given to Camilla by General Sir Patrick Sanders, Colonel Commandant of The Rifles.

It is not known when the other brooch was given to Sophie, but the Countess has been wearing the brooch more regularly since 2019.

In 2019, the Countess wore the brooch for the annual Remembrance Day service near the Cenotaph in London.

She donned it again at this year’s Remembrance Day service, pairing it with a black collared coat with buttons.

As well as the bugle horn itself, the brooch features a tiny crown, which is attached to the horn.

Sophie’s brooch is very similar to Camilla’s bugle horn brooch, but for one difference: Camilla’s jewel is decorated with diamonds and emeralds.

This makes the Duchess of Cornwall’s brooch more valuable than Sophie’s version.

According to Nicole Ciccanti, a gemologist at Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel Four’s Posh Pawn, the brooch could be worth around £40,000.

The worth of Sophie’s brooch is not known, but because of its similar look, it could also reach a similar value to Camilla’s.

Speaking about Camilla’s brooch, Nicole told “Characterised by three green stones, probably emeralds and diamonds in pave setting diamond all over it.

“The emerald’s estimate total weight is 0.60ct while the diamonds estimate total weight is three to four carats.”

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