Sophie, Countess of Wessex: Princess Anne body language shows ‘lack of friendship’

Both Sophie and Princess Anne are senior royals and will work to support the Queen.

Despite similar roles in the Royal Family they may have shown themselves to have quite different personalities.

Body language expert Judi James claimed it was obvious when they were seen at royal events together, before the coronavirus pandemic.

“Their body language together hints at differences that appear to move both women into rather contrasting states when they are together,” she told

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“[During one outing] Sophie’s upright body language appears to become more girlish and keen to please with Anne, who herself appears to settle back into her seat to stare at the crowds.

“While Sophie wears a tooth-bearing, polite royal smile Anne merely raises her brows and keeps her lips closed.”

The expert stated Sophie seems “keen to please” her sister-in-law, but Princess Anne does not give as much away.

This was obvious when they attended the RAF 100 ceremony on Horse Guards Parade with Prince Edward before the pandemic.


Judi continued: “A photo with Sophie sitting between Anne and her husband Edward throws up an interesting dynamic.

“Sophie looks uncharacteristically giggly and school-girlish here that looks prompted by something Edward is saying to her, rocking with uncontrollable laughter, with her eyes squeezed shut and her hand covering her mouth.

“This naughty schoolkid body language seems to have brought out a far more prim response from Anne.”

While Sophie was seen laughing with her husband, Princess Anne’s body language was much more composed.

She added: “This lack of mirroring between the two women looks like a signature feature of their body language together, suggesting a lack of really strong friendship or closeness.”

Although Judi claimed they have not managed to form a close friendship, the royal women still have some similarities, such as their commitment to their duties.

“There are several personality traits that could easily bind these two women, who share a sense of energy when it comes to their royal duties and an uncomplaining attitude bordering on the stoic,” the expert concluded.

“Neither are welded to fashionable clothing and both look at their happiest in cord jeans and jumpers, relaxing with their children, and grandchildren in Anne’s case.”

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