Spider-Man Is Terrible At Keeping His Identity a Secret At Disneyland

Peter Parker keeps his secret identity as Spider-Man hidden from everybody – but when he goes to Disneyland, it’s found out in seconds.

Warning: contains minor spoilers for Web of Spider-Man #1

In the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man’s true identity as Peter Parker is a closely guarded secret – but Peter just discovered that nothing is ever truly secret in Disneyland. A new comic begins with Peter paying a visit to the Avengers Campus attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim. As a member of a newly-introduced state-of-the-art program for gifted students, his secret identity is suddenly blown in a way that makes a reader wonder “Why has no one thought of this before?”

Spider-Man’s had some close calls in the past when it came to his secret identity in the comics. Norman Osborn famously discovered that Peter Parker was behind the mask, along with Doctor Octopus, J. Jonah Jameson (who thought Peter was simply trying to dress as the hero); Spider-Man eventually decided to reveal himself to the entire world in 2006’s Civil War. Beforehand, Spider-Man only revealed his face to other heroes, and certainly not all of them. But although some villains take months or even years trying to figure out his secret, in Web of Spider-Man #1 by Kevin Shinick, Alberto Alburquerque, and Rachelle Rosenberg, it’s discovered in literal seconds at Disneyland – by a small, insignificant robot, no less.

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Spider-Man swings onto the roof of the WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) building in the center of the Avengers Campus attraction at Disneyland (home to the Web Slingers attraction). While Peter Parker is a founding member, Spider-Man decidedly isn’t, so Peter quickly changes out of sight and lands on the street below while lamenting that the name of the building might be a clue to his identity. There, he’s met by a single diminutive Spider-Bot who happily greets Peter Parker…by saying “Welcome, Spider-Man!”

Peter is naturally taken aback, and the Spider-Bot responds by saying it simply matched Peter’s voiceprint to Spider-Man’s voice and made the connection. Peter orders the ‘Bot to keep the secret and the robot complies (even activating whisper mode), but the damage is done – both within Disneyland and the Marvel Universe as a whole. Peter rarely, if ever, disguises his voice while wearing the Spider-Man costume. This means that anyone who’s heard Peter speak for longer than five minutes can easily make the connection as soon as they see and hear Spidey in action…and unfortunately for Peter, Spider-Man is known for talking during fights.

It’s a running joke among Spider-Man fans that his secret identity is in fact the worst-kept secret in the films; without fail, every single villain in every film has seen Peter’s face. In the comics, Peter is much more successful when it comes to maintaining his identity – but if all it took was one voiceprint match at Disneyland to discover the truth, Spider-Man has a significant problem on his hands. A Snyderverse-esque Batman voice changer would do the trick – but at least in Disneyland, the secret is already out.

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