Spider-Man & MJ Swing Over NYC In No Way Home Concept Art

This piece of Spider-Man: No Way Home concept art, which depicts Peter & Zendaya swinging away in the opening, is eerily similar to the final film.

A Twitter artist released a poster she made for Spider-Man: No Way Home that included Peter and MJ swinging around Manhattan. The film has been a remarkable success and its worldwide gross is now nearing the $1.5 billion mark. No Way Home is expected to surpass Titanic at the domestic box office this weekend. With some fierce competition from previous years’ films, it is by far the most financially successful solo-outing the webslinger has ever had in theatres.

Zendaya plays MJ in the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, though she had a smaller role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, with her character not signaled as a new interpretation of the classic character until the end. In Far From Home, their school group takes an educational trip to Europe, and amid the adventures, MJ deduces that Peter is Spider-Man, and the two begin a relationship that becomes a crucial element of No Way Home. Stars Tom Holland and Zendaya confirming they are romantically involved in real-life made audiences even more hyped to see their characters’ bond play out on screen.


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Now, Twitter user @maciej_kuciara shares a concept-art keyframe featuring the celebrated couple swinging next to Madison Square Garden in the beginning of the film. At the end of Far From Home, J. Jonah Jameson reveals via newscast that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, releasing a video shot by a dying Mysterio falsely claiming that Peter killed him. No Way Home picks up immediately where that scene leaves off, with Peter grabbing MJ and swinging them away from a mob of people, and this artist presents their initial interpretation of this opening moment. Check out the artwork below:

The feeling of this rendering of the No Way Home scene is visible in director Jon Watts’ ultimate approach to capturing the emotions of the moment, as the camera often mimics the shaky movement of Peter and MJ swinging away to reflect their sense of panic. The film then stretches this into Peter’s return home, where his family and friends quickly recognize how the outing of his secret identity has changed all of their lives. Holland’s Peter coming to terms with the impact of his heroism on loved ones becomes a crucial thematic throughline, running all the way to the movie’s surprising ending.

A similar piece of No Way Home concept art shared recently, which included the superhero America Chavez, represents how many ideas from that early stage in the filmmaking process never make it to the big screen. That is often how fans engage with such images following a film’s release, imaging what could have been, but this image offers fans a unique look at how something clear in an early visual design can find its way into the final product. For viewers who are interested in learning how a blockbuster like No Way Home gets made, this keyframe is a real treat.

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Source: @maciej_kuciara

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