Strawberry supermoon horoscope: How to celebrate June’s Full Moon

Supermoons are more intense Full Moons and depending on what sign the Moon is in, the different energies are amplified.

Psychic Inbaal said: “The Supermoon will inevitably cause a cavalcade of emotions, exhaustion, and increased levels of anxiety.”

The Moon’s energy is stronger during a supermoon and you may feel totally drained.

Inbaal said: “Full moons are known to be psychically and mentally draining, so no matter your sleep schedule, we all will be feeling exhausted.”

The psychic advised: “Take some time across the next three days of the Full Moon to be totally still. Sit or lay motionless for at least 10 minutes – and do nothing.

Don’t scroll, don’t speak, don’t even meditate. Just be aware that your body isn’t moving. This is when healing happens.”

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