Superman’s Son is Being Corrupted by His Love for His Father

In Action Comics #1031, Superboy proves once again that his love for his father, Superman, corrupts his ability to be the best hero he can be.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #1031!

Superman‘s son, Jonathan Kent aka Superboy, is being corrupted by his love and fear of losing his father. In Infinite Frontier #0, the Spectre warned that out of any hero, Superboy is the one to be wary of, claiming that he will likely become a tyrant, his path has been set and it seems to have been mobilized in a rather unexpected way. Likewise, in Future State, Jonathan isn’t nearly as well thought of as his father. In the eyes of Supergirl, he is not all too different from what the Spectre predicts he will become.

Now, in the recent issues of Superman and Action Comics, Superboy has run into some hurdles in regards to being a hero. It has nothing to do with his power levels, which have proven to be well beyond expectations. He has even gone as far as impressing Superman with a new power that he hadn’t even thought of attempting. Jonathan has proven time and time again that he is worthy of taking on the Superman mantle. Yet, it seems that he is not ready to move on, emotionally.

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In Action Comics #1031 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, and Jordie Bellaire, Jonathan refuses to help some refugees. This occurs because he doesn’t trust anyone, he is set on the idea that everyone is on the hunt for his father. Although his instincts aren’t entirely wrong, he is facing an emotional crisis that could cost part of what makes a hero. Could this be the first step in Superboy’s downfall to becoming a tyrant?

Superboy’s main hurdle is his love for Superman. He is so scared that he refuses to be a hero and see the best in the refugees. Supergirl is the one that believes their story, even though she might be wrong to do so, it makes her a greater hero in this instance. Superman, countless times, has put his trust in the enemy or unknown people. It’s what makes him heroic and the idol to the public that he is. Primarily, Superman is trusting and willing to see the best in people, no matter who they are. No matter his current situation, it’s just what he does. This is something that limits Superboy. Additionally, Superboy is the only person who doesn’t take Superman’s strength for granted, he realizes that even the supposedly invincible can be defeated.

Ultimately, Jonathan’s fear of losing his father isn’t that far-fetched. As comic book readers know, Superman has died before. Yet, he is constantly portrayed as invulnerable to most attacks, including in Future State where it was suggested he’ll survive to the end of reality. Therefore, there is a ray of hope that he will survive the impending ordeals with Mongul and much more. It looks like there are two options; Superman will actually die, which will heavily affect Jonathan, or he will survive and Jonathan will learn to accept the risks his father takes. The path he takes will surely define what type of hero Superboy will turn out to be in the future. Action Comics #1031 is available in comic book shops and on digital platforms now.

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