Supermarket loyalty schemes: Shoppers share best way to use loyalty cards

Supermarkets often offer customers deals or bonus points when using their loyalty cards. Sharing tips and tricks on the forum, savvy shoppers explained how they make the most of the schemes.

She said: “Just booked a night away in a hotel paid for by Tesco Rewards.”

For those who don’t go away on summer holidays can still make use of the points by spending them on days out, attractions as well as food out.

For those looking to increase their card points, downloading the specific supermarket app means offers tend to be more personalised.

One shopper, Hannah Carney explained: “Download the Nectar app and always save offers. I am currently getting 300 points (£1.50 value) for every item I sell on eBay this month (and I have sold five things so far.

Nectar points can also be claimed at Caffè Nero, Sky Store as well as being collected on train tickets including Avanti West Coast and LNER.

Forum user Sarah Cook also stays up to date with app offers to make sure she is not missing out on great deals.

She said: “You can use your Clubcard points for rewards. Download the app to see how many points you have and use the vouchers for money off your shopping.

“Alternatively, exchange them for rewards. For example, 50p of Clubcard vouchers gives you £1.50 to spend at Longleat.”

Tesco shoppers can also sign up to Tesco Shopper Thoughts to collect extra points, which rewards customers for completing quick surveys.

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, explained: “Filling in surveys and providing feedback is a quick and effective way to increase your points.

“It can be done during your downtime and the results quickly pile up!”

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