Taurus September horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Taurus this month?

The New Moon in Virgo on September 7 brings a burst of fun and joviality into your life, Taurus.

Bex said: “You might find that an invitation to a party or the chance to let loose is presented to you. Take it!

“This is a chance to connect with your inner child and let your hair down.

“Since the New Moon is taking place in your fifth house of self-expression and creativity, and this period of the lunar cycle is all about fresh starts, then beginning a new project that allows you to tap into your artistic nature is ideal.

“Whether it’s painting, sculpting, dance, poetry, acting… anything that utilises your creativity is a positive use of your energy right now.

“This is also the House of romance, so a new love affair could begin around this time, or you might feel yourself becoming flirtier with your existing partner.

“Going on some dates and recreating that first flush of romantic youth is encouraged, no matter what your relationship status!”

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