Tesco UK: Supermarket rolls out rapid one hour delivery to 11 London and Bristol locations

Food deliveries have become more popular over the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and people self-isolating. Tesco is set to roll out a service that makes this quicker for shoppers.

Eager shoppers simply order on the app or website and choose to have items delivered by bike, moped or car.

The service comes with a delivery charge of £5 on all rapid orders.

Following a successful trial, the retailer has announced it will roll out to more locations.

Where can you find it?

Customers will be able to use the service in 11 more branches based in England.

These will be located in Express stores in London and Bristol.

If successful, more parts of the country could soon get to experience the service.

As it stands, however, the model is still in the test-and-learn phase.

During an announcement this week, Tesco CEO Ken Murphy spoke about the logistics of rapid delivery.

“We’re very curious about what the customer need really is and we’re very curious about what a viable economic model could look like.”

Tesco is not the first retailer to offer speedy delivery to customers.

Asda has trialled a partnership with Just Eat to deliver groceries in as little as 30 minutes.

Waitrose and Morrisons have also teamed up with delivery apps to offer same day deliveries.

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