The Borrowers Reboot Movie Is In Development From Universal

Universal Pictures is producing a live-action reboot of The Borrowers from The Addams Family director Conrad Vernon and screenwriter Patrick Burleigh.

A reboot feature of The Borrowers is underway at Universal Pictures. Mary Norton’s 1952 novel about a family of tiny scavengers, or “borrowers,” living within an English manor house has been adapted numerous times already. Live-action films, BBC series, and even a Studio Ghibli homage with strong cottagecore vibes have all attempted to capture the magic of Norton’s novel – with generally positive results.

Now, Deadline reports that a new version of The Borrowers is under production at Universal Pictures. Conrad Vernon (The Addams FamilySausage Party) is set to direct a script from Patrick Burleigh, who penned the upcoming Peter Rabbit 2. Also on board is Working Title Films, who produced the 1997 adaptation of The Borrowers starring John Goodman. That film was the most recent live-action feature adaptation of Norton’s famous Clock family, and it grossed $22.6 million at the U.S. box office.

The Borrowers movie

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How much Universal’s The Borrowers borrows from previous takes on the characters remains to be seen, though it will apparently also be live-action. Live-action films centered on tiny characters have struggled to make much noise of late, however, with 2010’s Jack Black-led Gulliver’s Travels and 2017’s more dour Downsizing boasting less-than-robust Rotten Tomatoes scores and financial returns. Hopefully Burleigh’s experience as an uncredited story consultant on a notable exception to that rule, 2018’s Ant Man and the Waspwill help Universal’s The Borrowers avoid any serious pratfalls whenever it arrives.

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Source: Deadline

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