The Entire Justice League Stopped Bane From Killing Batman and His Family

While Bane infamously broke Batman, he had a plot that went even further to destroy his rival’s legacy-Until the Justice League decided to step in.

He may have broken Batman’s back, but one of Bane’s biggest plots was so nefarious the Justice League had to step in before he destroyed the Bat-Family for good. In a last-ditch effort to give his life some meaning, Bane teamed up with his mercenary group, the Secret Six, to execute a plan so devious it required nearly every hero in the DC Universe to stop him.

Bane joined the crew of anti-villains in Secret Six #1 and before long was in a position providing structure and guidance to the aimless team. Bane’s time on the Six emphasized his personal code of honor showing he was trying to find a new path and move on from his past as a Venom-consuming supervillain. However, when Bane learned that he was destined for Hell, he began to plot one of his most involved efforts in tearing down Batman and his allies.


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In Secret Six’s final story arc, “Caution to the Wind” by Gail Simone, J. Calafiore, John Kalisz, and Travis Lanham, Bane contemplates on what his ultimate fate means in regards to the life he’s lived.  He comes to the conclusion that while he broke Batman physically, the Dark Knight remains alive, healthy and, most importantly, surrounded by people he loves. To make the most of his fate, Bane drafts the Secret Six into a plan that involves kidnapping and executing select members of the Bat-Family such as Red Robin, Huntress and Azrael. Unfortunately, the Six’s vision comes crashing down once they realize their hideout is surrounded by the Justice League and then some.

Justice League Secret Six Bane DC Comics

It turns out the Secret Six was sold out by the Penguin, who the team had recruited for the personal intel he had on Batman and his allies. Things only get worse for Bane and his teammates when Batman and Superman (and their collective partners) arrive to assist in bringing the Six down. The mercenary group had built up quite a reputation in their run and the collected heroes were not about to take any chances with the Six . While his plans fall through, Bane acknowledges the reality of his situation and offers his cohorts the only thing he can; vials of Venom to help them go down fighting. The crew fights one last battle together in a Venom-induced frenzy, before being subdued by the combined might of the League. While Bane doesn’t get a chance to break Batman, he does get a moment that proves to the DC Universe and to readers how serious a threat he actually poses.

As an individual, Bane is a menace big enough to take on Batman, but with a capable team, Bane becomes an enemy worthy of the Justice League’s attention.

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