The New Superman’s Identity Is About To Be Exposed

DC Comics has released the solicitation for Superman: Son of Kal-El #2 and it teases that DC’s new Superman, Jonathan Kent, will be exposed!

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Superman: Son of Kal-El #2!

The new Superman, Jonathan Kent, is about to be exposed to the world. The former Superboy is taking the next step in his heroic journey as he takes on the Superman mantle. Trying to continue Superman’s legacy, Jonathan will be trying everything he can to live up to his expectations. However, getting started isn’t going to be so easy. He is going to struggle to balance both sides of his life; being Superman and having a normal life. The burden of taking on his father’s mantle is a lot, and it means that he must be ready at any moment to drop everything he’s doing.

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Recently, DC Comics has been preparing Superman’s son to take over. It’s been a massive focus as Jonathan struggles to deal with the fear that his father might die. He’s plagued by the endless stories he heard in the future, but he doesn’t have any specific details. As seen in the latest Action Comics issue, Superboy is unable to make rational decisions ultimately making him a worse hero. But one thing’s clear, the event that leads Superman to hand down his mantle is coming very soon and Jonathan must be ready to evolve and realize that his time has come.

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DC Comics has released the solicitation and cover art for Superman: Son of Kal-El #2 by Tom Taylor and John Timms. In this issue, the new Superman’s identity is at risk of being exposed. This follows on from Clark Kent exposing his identity to the world, revealing that he is Superman. However, Jonathan doesn’t intentionally do it. Superman is forced to step into the spotlight where, somehow, an “activist news machine” known as the Truth is ready to expose him. Check out the cover art below:


  • story by TOM TAYLOR

  • pencils by JOHN TIMMS

  • cover by JOHN TIMMS

  • ON SALE 8/10/21

  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

  • card stock variant by INHYUK LEE Price US $4.99

  • Suicide Squad Movie card stock variant by SAMI BASRI Price $4.99

  • Jonathan Kent now dons his father’s cape, but can he be Superman and still have a normal life? It’s tough in this modern world. Danger is everywhere. The new Superman learns this the hard way on his first day of college, and a deadly attack forces Jon to step from the shadows and into the spotlight—where his identity is exposed to the Truth, an activist news machine ready to upset everything. But first, the son still has some things to learn from his father—and a few cool toys to inherit. Ask yourself, what would you do with your very own Fortress of Solitude? This all-new chapter in the legacy of Man of Steel has only just begun to reveal its surprises!

A point that is unclear, as of now, is that with a new Superman taking on the mantle, won’t the world already know who Jonathan is? This is because he’s been publicly seen as Superboy, teaming up with Superman. It’s logical to assume that some people in the comic world have lined up the dots? Therefore, people could look up Clark Kent’s son, to find out his human identity. Unless there have been some sneaky retcons of continuity, which they can blame Infinite Frontier for, it’s very likely that the Truth is not the only being to know of the new Superman’s identity.

How will the new Superman fare in this tough and ruthless world? Find out in the issues of Superman: Son of Kal-El, as it replaces Clark Kent’s current Superman run. From the outside, it proves DC’s confidence in their current Superman story. It’s been something that they’ve been pushing for since Future State and in Infinite Frontier #0, they set up further stakes for Jonathan. In this issue, the former Superboy still has a few things to learn from his father. Along with a few “new cool toys,” which come with having a Fortress of Solitude and everything that the ex-Superman had!

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