The Pina-Colada Inspired Rum That ‘Tastes like Pineapple’ Is on Sale

Grand Kadoo Carnival Caribbean Pineapple Rum is an authentic Caribbean rum that is made in a family-run distillery in Barbados. Usually retailing for £29, you can currently pick up a 700ml bottle of Grand Kadoo Carnival Caribbean Pineapple Rum for £23.84, saving you £5.16.

Buy: Amazon (£23.84)

If a pineapple rum sounds sickeningly sweet to you, according to the reviews the flavour balance is well done. One happy customer said this is a “pineapple rum that strikes a great balance between its elements. Not too sweet, unlike many flavoured rums which end up barely tasting like rum at all.

“This is Barbados rum, which is one of my favourite neat rums and maybe that’s what helps make the difference here. Behind that fun, colourful label lies a seriously good rum”.

Another reviewer who has tried a few pineapple rums in their time had this to say of this one by Grand Kadoo: “Great tasting. Out of the four pineapple rums, I’ve tasted this is by far the best, you can actually taste pineapple for a start and it’s not fake pineapple like others I’ve tried.

“This is one of my favourite rums. The only downside is it’s a bit too nice so it doesn’t last long” – you’ve been warned.

Buy: Amazon (£23.84)

For those who are looking for the perfect rum for a Pina Colada, look no further: “Perfect for a Pina Colada. It actually tastes of real pineapple and rum instead of pineapple flavoured rum”.

But if Pina Coladas aren’t your thing, there’s no limit to the number of tasty cocktails you can make with this rum – like a Pineapple Sling for instance. To make this one, all you need to do is pour:

50ml Grand Kadoo Pineapple Rum

15ml Campari

15ml Lime Juice

50ml Pineapple Juice

Into a highball glass with ice, stir, and enjoy.

You can pick up a bottle of Grand Kadoo Carnival Caribbean Pineapple Rum while it’s still on sale on Amazon here.

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