The Secret To Homer Simpson Revealed By His Biggest Writer

Former and revered writer of The Simpsons, John Swartzwelder shares his secret to writing the character of Homer Simpson in his first-ever interview.

The Simpsons writer shares a secret to the success of one of its main protagonists, Homer Simpson. The animated sitcom is currently in its 32nd season and has recently aired its milestone 700th episode, becoming the longest primetime scripted television show in history. The show has become a phenomenon, pushing boundaries and humor and quickly becoming a big part of pop culture. The characters of The Simpsons have all become widely known, none more so than the eponymous family patriarch, Homer Simpson himself.

Homer Simpson has been the focal point of most episodes over the show’s three decades on the air. Many fans of the show remember him through his trademarks, including his many catchphrases, his love of food and beer, and his lack of intelligence. His funny characteristics, as well as the emotional moments Homer experiences, resonate with audiences and has made him one of the most iconic characters in the history of television.

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In an interview with The New Yorker, former writer John Swartzwelder reveals his secret to writing the classic character of Homer Simpson. Swartzwelder was part of the original writing team on The Simpsons and was credited as a producer until 2003, writing a total of 59 episodes for the show. He is considered one of the best and admired comedy writers and has never given an interview before. Swartzwelder confirmed a statement given by former showrunner Mike Reiss that he wrote Homer Simpson as a “talking dog.” His statement can be read below:

“Yes, he is a big talking dog. One moment he’s the saddest man in the world, because he’s just lost his job, or dropped his sandwich, or accidentally killed his family. Then, the next moment, he’s the happiest man in the world, because he’s just found a penny—maybe under one of his dead family members. He’s not actually a dog, of course—he’s smarter than that—but if you write him as a dog you’ll never go wrong.”

Swartzwelder’s comment makes a lot of sense when thinking about Homer’s behavior over the years. The character is known to have opposing moods within a short amount of time where one second he is euphoric about insignificant news and the next he is raging and about to strangle his son. Homer is also lazy, aggressive, immature, and impulsive, all qualities that some pets could have.

The Simpsons continues to pull in big ratings across all platforms averaging about seven million viewers. With the show available on the streaming service Disney+, more generations are continuing to discover it. Even though many changes have been made to The Simpsons both in front of and behind the camera, Homer Simpson still remains as silly and amusing as ever. With The Simpsons renewed for an additional two seasons, fans can be assured that there will be many more of his comic antics to come.

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Source: The New Yorker

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