The Walking Dead Reveals First Look Images At Final Season

The Walking Dead has offered the first look photos at its upcoming season 11, showing Carol, Maggie, and Negan bravely confronting walkers.

The Walking Dead has released the first look at its upcoming season 11. The long-running AMC series, which premiered over a decade ago in 2010, follows an ensemble cast of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by zombies, colloquially referred to as ‘walkers’. Initially, the series was led by Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, but after Lincoln’s exit in season 9, other long-standing cast characters like Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol took charge of the show. Throughout the years, The Walking Dead has enjoyed a successful run. During its prime years, it was the most-watched show in the 18-49 demo, and although ratings have declined since then, the overall reception remains largely positive. The show has in fact expanded to encompass an entire franchise, with two spin-offs currently on the air and more in the works.

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Last year, when The Walking Dead was just an episode short of wrapping up its tenth season, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the U.S., prompting the show to halt production. As a result, the season finale was delayed until October, and an additional six episodes were also added to season 10 that were broadcast through early 2021. But even before the show could return to complete season 10, AMC announced that The Walking Dead would end in 2022 with an extended season 11 that would begin airing in August. At the same time, two further spin-offs were also announced, one centered on Daryl and Carol, and another, an anthology series based within the TWD universe. Now there is another update concerning The Walking Dead‘s final season, and it offers a sneak peek at the show’s forthcoming season.

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The Walking Dead, via its official Twitter handle, dropped the first look images at season 11. The pictures find Carol, Maggie, Rosita, and Lydia fiercely facing off against a horde of walkers. Another image shows the nefarious Negan as he strikes down a zombie with a crowbar. It’s unclear if the pictures are all from the same episode, but one thing is for sure, that is The Walking Dead is aiming to return to its humans vs. zombies roots in its swansong.

At the moment, plot details for The Walking Dead‘s final season are unknown. Of course, there is going to be that highly-anticipated confrontation between Maggie and Negan, and the Commonwealth, a vast and well-organized military group, led by Michael James Shaw’s armor-clad Mercer will also have an important role to play. A Rick Grimes cameo hasn’t been ruled out either, and The Bold and Beautiful‘s Jacob Young is also expected to make an appearance as a mysterious character named Deaver. As per reports, season 11 will also lay the base for the Carol and Daryl spin-off, although it isn’t known if the two would resolve their differences before the series end and if they would stay in Alexandria after the events of the finale.

While the new images may not offer a lot of information about the storyline of the upcoming show, they still hold an important promise, i.e. the action in The Walking Dead season 11 will be full-blooded. This means that there are going to be some thrilling fights, the consequences of which would give fans closure about the fate of certain favorite characters. Two key factors behind the success of the show have been its blood-spattered brutal violence and terrifying zombies. However, in recent years, both aspects have dwindled, evoking the contempt of fans. But now the show is going back to its unsparing ways. So fans should brace themselves for a satisfying, nostalgic conclusion that honors everything The Walking Dead has built and achieved so far.

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Source: The Walking Dead/Twitter

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