Todd Addresses Heated Family Meeting With Alexia’s Sons

Alexia Echevarria’s husband Todd Nepola is responding to criticism over his heated meeting with her son on The Real Housewives of Miami.

Alexia Echevarria’s husband Todd Nepola is responding to criticism over his heated meeting with her son on The Real Housewives of Miami. Todd admits that the scene didn’t look too good on screen. But he insists it was only edited that way and things weren’t as bad as they appeared on the show. Todd welcomes the feedback from viewers while clearing up any concerns over Alexia’s youngest son Frankie Rosello being present during the family argument.

Todd and Alexia had a lot of family issues to work out ahead of their recent wedding. The strain lied between Todd and Alexia’s eldest son Peter Rosello. With Peter being very vocal about his dislike for Todd and Todd boldly criticizing Peter’s lifestyle choices, the tension got thick. After Peter took his younger brother out for a night on the town and allowed him to drink and smoke weed, Todd attempted to scold Peter which took a turn for the worse. Alexia has opened up about the car crash Frankie was involved in years ago that transitioned him to a way of life where he will always need a caretaker.


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The love the family has for Frankie and the sensitivity of the situation boiled over into a heated argument that was shared in a recent episode. After the scene aired, Todd came under fire from viewers who felt like he came off too aggressive when speaking to Peter. Fans were also concerned for Frankie who was seen watching his family fight over him. But Todd embraced all the backlash head-on. “Everyone’s opinion is valid here,” Todd said in a lengthy comment captured by Queens of Bravo. “It was an awful situation,” he admitted. He assured everyone that Frankie wasn’t present while the argument took place. “The entire scene was filmed over 2 hours and this is what made the cut,” Todd explained.

He went on to admit that the situation is one that is best suited to be addressed by a licensed therapist and not him. “This is a real issue we have been dealing with over 4 years and they wanted us to talk about it on TV,” Todd said while noting it wasn’t “easy.” He didn’t bash production and said that the editing for the scene was fair. Todd says despite the backlash, he’s happy they were able to get through it because it’s helping them all “get better.” While adding that the family is a “work in progress,” Todd says everyone’s love for Frankie is what matters the most. He thanked everyone for their comments whether they were good or bad because it’s helping everyone grow and do better for Frankie.

The sensitivity of Frankie’s condition was highlighted in the latest episode as Alexia introduces viewers to her at-home life. Todd is her third husband after her second husband Herman Echevarria died and her first husband Peter Rosello Sr. was sent to prison for a second time for cocaine possession. She also had to postpone her wedding after her mother passed away from Covid on what was supposed to be her wedding date to Todd. Alexia’s storyline on The Real Housewives of Miami is one of the most authentic of the bunch and she continues to remain transparent about her real-life issues. In addition to her issues with her sons and husband, she has been working to get clarity on her ex-husband’s sexuality after learning that he was hiding his homosexual identity from her while he was alive. Alexia’s real-life drama is enough for her own solo spinoff.

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Source: Queens of Bravo

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