Unite the Right 2018 D.C. rally lacks attendance

Unite the Right 2018 D.C. rally lacks attendance

The 2018 Unite the Right rally held in Washington, D.C. had only a few dozen participants and was largely drowned out by counter-protesters.

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  1. Ronald Chin

    Most of you posting here are a bunch of racist losers, Trump supporters and down and out white trash. This rally and these comments represents all that is left of your pathetic movement. November will sweep away the remnants of your type of vermin.

  2. Hingemarket96

    Not attending was the smartest thing they could've done. Just sit back and watch while Antifa and friends attack the cops and each other, exposing themselves as the actual fascists. Never interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake.

  3. Reg Munday

    Not exactly Nuremberg, was it? More like a lame reenactment of Gettysburg. Everybody has a right to make complete fools of themselves in public, even the Alt Right. But we know most of these 'cultural warriors' are cowards, who prefer the anonymity of social media. Just dont expect them to join Jason Kessler on the barricades. LMAO

  4. Kokobuttah

    I DONT GET IT! PROPAGANDA at its finest, you say White Nationalists/Supremecists rally but footage shows a few hispanics, african americans marching along, let me guess they were hypnotized from the tea cup? GET OUT

  5. Plutot Crever

    And man, did they try to p!ss the right extremists off this week by banning Alex Jones and others hoping that more than 20 will show up. lol. Didnt work.
    The MSM lost their grip over the people. They are trying to outsmart the Internet. We know they are full of sh!t and they're not as smart as they think they are.

  6. citizen-x

    The liberal media keeps saying the Alt right movement only numbers a few hundred nation wide , as they show the huge numbers of counter protesters which look to be mainly whites, so by pushing this narrative, they are saying out of a nation of 300
    million people there are only a few hundred racists , but this small group somehow controls all the hate and oppression against non whites, so if .0000001% of the white population is racist , that makes the whole country racist.

  7. Darien Lenderson

    Staged. These so called White nationalists are paid actors paid by Soros. Thats why its only 40 of them there. The right is far from racist. You want to look for racism. Look at the democrat party. Look at blue states. Look at major cities run by democrats. It all looks like apartheid on steroids.

    I know for a fact the Charlottesville marchers and DC marchers are paid actors.

    The left think they can win elections by propping up fake neo nazis and fake White nationalist marches. Everyone sees right through it.

  8. Victorious Yankee

    Don't give the mongrels too much shit for their paltry, laughable turnout.
    Most of that white trash are illiterate chimpanzees who don't even know what a calendar is.
    Most of that trash think the rally is next week sometime.
    The rest are just cowards.

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