WandaVision Merch Gives Detailed Look at Agatha Harkness’ Brooch & Necklace

New WandaVision merch reveals the design of Agatha Harkness’s necklace, which held a major clue about the villain’s identity in the series.

WandaVision is releasing new merch featuring Agatha Harkness’s brooch and necklace, finally revealing what the sorceress’ accessories really look like up close. Based on the Marvel comics character, Agatha is a powerful ancient witch from the Salem trials who later on becomes Wanda’s mentor. Her complex backstory makes her an interesting figure in the Marvel universe, serving as both a villain and an ominous heroine. Agatha debuted in the MCU via Disney+’s WandaVision, with Kathryn Hahn playing the role. The series picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame and follows Wanda Maximonoff (Elizabeth Olsen), grieving the death of Vision (Paul Bettany).

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In her sadness, she creates an idyllic, sitcom-like reality in the town of Westview, where she and Vision live as a happy couple. Agatha is disguised as Agnes, their nosy but well-meaning neighbor. Episode 8 finally reveals her true identity as a wielder of dark magic who hails from the 17th century. She discovers that Wanda has the powerful “chaos magic” and attempts to possess it for herself. She dubs Wanda as the Scarlet Witch, based on an ancient prophesy about a witch with powers exceeding that of the Sorcerer Supreme. In WandaVision, one telling sign that Agnes was Agatha all along was the necklace she constantly wore throughout the series, which clearly resembled the witch’s brooch in the comics.

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Marvel teamed up with Entertainment Earth to release a limited-edition merch featuring Agatha’s brooch and necklace. While many fans have theorized about the jewelry’s meaning, they can now see the pendant’s design up close. It’s actually a cameo relief of three women dancing together, similar to The Three Graces from Greek mythology. The two-piece set is made of stainless steel in antique bronze finish, housed in a black-and-purple box that alludes to Agatha’s color of magic. It also comes with an authenticity card from Marvel Studios. For WandaVision fans, the set is a real collector’s item. It is currently available for pre-order at $59.99.

Agatha’s fate in WandaVision’s series finale is open-ended. After Wanda defeats her, she traps the ancient witch in her Agnes persona and she goes back to being the nosy neighbor in Westview. As Wanda fully immerses herself in the Darkhold, it is likely Agatha still has a major role to play in future MCU projects. Hahn’s amazing portrayal gave the character an endearing quality, making Agatha a beloved villain. Hopefully, Marvel has something in the works for the charmingly sinister sorceress.

While the WandaVision merch didn’t explain the meaning behind Agatha’s necklace, it’s now clear that it’s based on a jewelry style that dates back to ancient Greece. Classically, cameos depicted images of loved ones, rulers, or gods. The Three Graces are usually represented with three women dancing with linked arms. They symbolize charm, beauty, and creativity. For a powerful witch like Agatha, these three qualities are most essential.

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Source: Entertainment Earth

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