Warzone Player Spots A Poor Enemy Get Killed By Their Own Vehicle

Thanks to a hilarious new video, we now know that vehicles in Warzone have a new way to kill unsuspecting players in the Battle Royale.

As it turns out, in Call of Duty: Warzone, the other players aren’t the most dangerous things on the map. It’s not the zombies either, it’s actually the vehicles in the game, with one player spotting a poor enemy combatant getting killed by their very own vehicle.

Warzone is Activision’s Battle Royale for the Call of Duty franchise. Battle Royales are the latest craze in the gaming industry, with massive amounts of players all fighting it out in an arena to be the last one standing. Warzone is no different, with an enormous map filled with weapons and armor for players to collect and fight other players with. Whether in a squad or on their own, players need to use everything they have to survive the dangers this map presents, from hordes of zombies and now to what seems to be killer Warzone vehicles.

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In the past, vehicles in the game have been known to bug out and send players who enter them flying high into the atmosphere for daring to drive them. Now it seems, thanks to a post on Reddit from user Taiizor, these cars have a whole new way to kill players. In the video posted on the Warzone subreddit, the player has scooped in on an enemy player driving a truck, the driver seems to swerve to the side and attempts to scale a small hill. When the truck can’t reach the top, the driver hops out of the car and starts running for cover, only for the truck to start rolling backward and run over the driver. It seems the driver forgot to put the handbrake on. 

Vehicles in Warzone have gone through many different changes. In the beginning, trucks were basically tanks with players virtually unkillable inside. Recently, a new meta developed when players realized that the animation for exiting a truck was almost non-existent, allowing them to run down other players and jump out for the finishing blows with ease. Practically every match included some players using this tactic to thin out the numbers during the latter half of the match, targeting those players rushing to stay in the circle as it recedes. To combat this meta, Raven Software reduced the spawn rate of the Warzone vehicles on the Verdansk map.  

Thankfully, this kind of death won’t become some new meta for the game. This time it was just a poor Warzone player’s bad luck, both in the hilarious death and that someone was recording.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Taiizor/Reddit

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