Why McLaren Vehicles Are In PUBG & Rocket League All Of A Sudden

The McLaren 570S has shown up in both PUBG Mobile and Rocket League as part of new sponsorship deals between the games and the car company.

PUBG Mobile and Rocket League players likely noticed that the McLaren 570S began recently showing up in both games. The British supercar manufacturer might seem like a weird crossover for the two popular titles, but all three properties pride themselves on being innovators in their respective spaces, which seems to be the key reasoning behind each partnership.

On the surface, the Rocket League brand partnership is much less surprising. After all, the McLaren 570S already appeared in the game back in 2018. Bringing it back for players who missed out the first time around was a great move from developer Psyonix, and players were able to pick the car up in a new eye-catching silver color. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the McLaren pack’s time-limited availability has already run out, so anyone who missed this second chance will have to wait until it comes back out of the vault.

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PUBG Mobile is a bit more of a head-scratcher for a McLaren vehicle, given the game’s setting, but both PUBG and McLaren are pushing boundaries in their respective industries, which seems to be the common ground they’ve settled on for a marketing tie-in.

Why Is McLaren Partnering With PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile McLaren 570S is available in six different colors, and once acquired, can even be set as a player’s parachute for dropping into games with style. Unlike the more limited Rocket League deal, PUBG Mobile players will have access to the McLaren throughout the entire month of June, which should be plenty of time to pick it up and start showing it off.

As brand deals go, these both seem like shrewd ones for all involved. Rocket League and PUBG Mobile boast big communities that have engaged with content like this in the past, and the McLaren partnership fits the vehicle-oriented nature of both games. Not only is this great press for the car manufacturer, it’s also the first time a McLaren has been available in PUBG Mobile, although the game has worked with automotive companies before.

Most would expect McLarens to show up strictly in racing games, but surprise appearances like these might just make for a bigger splash.

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