Why Players Are Upset About Black Widow’s Hair

Marvel’s Avengers players are praising the MCU-accurate hair on the new Black Widow skin, but many are frustrated that older skins weren’t updated.

Crystal Dynamics recently released a new MCU skin for Marvel’s Avengers, this time inspired by the film, Black Widow, and while the skin has garnered quite a bit of praise from fans of the character and the film, the hair has created a fair bit of controversy. This is the fourth MCU inspired skin to be added to the game for Black Widow, but it is the first one to use a hairstyle that did not already exist inside the game, and thus made the skin look far more accurate to the version of the character played by Scarlett Johansson in the films. While most players are loving the new hair on Black Widow’s MCU-inspired Marvel’s Avengers outfit, many players are wondering why Crystal Dynamics hasn’t gone back to alter the already released skins for Avengers: Endgame and Black Widow to feature the more screen-accurate hair.


Some players have argued that releasing a new skin with the updated hair while not updating the old ones to more accurately portray the character comes off as a greedy way of trying to convince players to purchase a new skin, rather than just using the ones they had already purchased. Inaccurate hairstyles have become somewhat of a fixation amongst many community members, who have voiced their frustration over inaccuracies such as Hawkeye’s MCU-inspired Avengers: Endgame skin featuring a bald Clint Barton, or Black Widow’s Avengers: Endgame and Black Widow skins sporting shorter, shoulder-length hair, rather than the long braids she wore in the films.

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Since many players purchase these skins in order to use them in Marvel’s Avengers’ surprisingly robust photo mode, these inaccuracies can be a source of a lot of frustrations for fans that wish to see their favorite hero from the MCU represented visually in-game. This issue is compounded with the fact that the in-game Marketplace charges high prices for new MCU skins that are only purchasable using Credits, which are bought with real-world currency rather than earned in-game. For MCU-inspired skins in particular, the Marketplace charges Marvel’s Avengers players $14.00 USD per cosmetic, adding up very quickly. Some players may have spent more money on in-game skins than they paid for the game itself, so it’s easy to understand why they may care so much about the accuracy of each character’s hair.

How Marvel’s Avengers Can Fix Its Hair Issue

Black Widow's Avengers Endgame Skin in Marvel's Avengers

The easiest way for Crystal Dynamics to fix the controversy over Black Widow’s hairstyle is to retroactively go back and rework the design on the Avengers: Endgame and Black Widow costumes. The new braid hairstyle could pretty easily be transferred to the White Suit (considering that both appeared in the same film), and though it would take slightly more effort, Crystal Dynamics could add a blond streak to the end of the braid to match Black Widow’s hairstyle in Avengers: Endgame. Currently, Black Widow is tied with Hawkeye for having the most MCU costumes in Marvel’s Avengers, but with the hair controversy in mind, many still don’t consider her selection all that great.

While it is possible that Crystal Dynamics is worried that changing the skins after purchase could cause a few players to demand a refund (for not getting what they originally paid for), the benefit of pleasing players (who have been vocal on the hair issue on the Marvel’s Avengers subreddit) with the update would likely outweigh any potential controversy. Games like Fortnite have offered refunds on skins in the past when it’s had to alter or change one of them, and Marvel’s Avengers could offer a similar solution if any players were displeased with the update. In the past, Crystal Dynamics has shown that it’s been willing to reverse its decisions in Marvel’s Avengers, including removing its pay-to-win elements, to improve community relations, so it’s not out of the question in this case.

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