Why you should document your treasured memories

It is important we document them both online and offline. Doing so has never been easier, and 29 percent of the nation say their social media accounts are the only permanent representation they have of their favourite memories.

Daniel Scheijen, CMO of PastBook, said: “Over time, our brain’s hippocampus changes the way we recall even our most important life memories. In fact, our memories change each time we remember them, meaning the stories and moments that we often share and reminisce are never accurate recollections. 

“As such, it is no surprise that many of us are now recording and documenting our life stories for our social media accounts.”

A study by Boston College has revealed that as time passes, the vibrancy and visual quality of our memories gradually decreases.

Yet documenting every aspect of our lives online – from milestones and major life events to our day-to-day activities, meals and holidays – is not the only way to help us reminisce. 

In just a few clicks, PastBook collates your memories from social media highlights and digital photo albums to generate a unique photo book.

This provides you with a curated image-based memoir to preserve your memories forever. 



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