Wii Fit Grandma Logs 4,784 Consecutive Days In The Game

Wii Fit grandma is still going strong after 10 years, not stopping during the entire pandemic and maintaining her enormous fitness streak.

A single Grandmother is putting all of us to shame, having logged 4,784 consecutive days in Nintendo’s Wii Fit. This means she has maintained her fitness routine during the entire pandemic, not missing a single day logging into the Wii Fit for over 10 years now. 

Wii Fit was an exercise game for the Nintendo Wii back in 2008. It requires the use of a Wii Balance Board, where players stand and follow the instructions on the screen. It tracks the user’s center of balance throughout yoga routines, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. It also works as a set of scales, helping users track their weight and physical fitness in the game and in the real world. Wii Fit is even used for physiotherapy rehabilitation and can be found in health clubs around the world. In March 2012, Wii Fit was named the third best-selling console game (not packaged with a console), having sold over 22.67 million copies. 

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The dedicated and disciplined grandma is in fact the grandmother of George Perkins, the founder of Super Rare Games, which specializes in special physical editions of indie Nintendo Switch games. He shares updates on his grandma’s progress and continued streak on his Twitter account, SuperRareGeorge. Previously he shared his grandma reaching a 10-year milestone streak with the game, dating back to early 2009 just after the Wii Fit game was released a year before. 

These days, the Wii Fit balance board has been replaced by the Ring Fit Adventure Ring-Con for the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not this grandma would be keen to upgrade her setup to the next generation of exercise games is yet to be seen. After all, she most likely holds the record for the longest streak in Wii Fit in the entire world and may not want to end it by switching games.

Wii Fit grandma isn’t the only gaming grandma out there, with one granny stacking up over 3,500 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS. At least, that was the count back in 2019. Nintendo even made a character in New Horizons in recognition of her dedication to the franchise, an orange Wolf villager named Audie with a peppy attitude and stylish fashion sense. Perhaps this fitness-fiend grandma will inspire others to dust off their Wii Fit balance board and get a good old, hard-earned sweat on. But players will have a long climb to reach this grandmother’s streak.

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Source: George Perkins/Twitter

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