Woman demands McDonald’s refund after dropping food on way home

The complaint was shared to a Mumsnet forum when one user wrote: “I was in McDonald’s today and a woman came in to complain to the manager that her food had dropped on the floor yesterday and was demanding her money back, she said it happened on the way home.

“I was amazed someone would actually come back the following day to complain about that, has anyone else heard of a more ridiculous complaint?”

Others in the forum quickly shared their own shocking customer stories, Manchester Evening News reports. 

One said there was a man who wanted a refund on his digital camera because he couldn’t fit everyone he wanted in the frame.

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A third claimed a person once refused to pay their TV licence because they weren’t the ones watching the TV- it was their parrot. 

A fourth took the opportunity to ridicule their husband. They wrote: “On one holiday he complained to a member of hotel staff that the ‘birds tweeted too loudly in the morning’.

“I have no idea what he expected them to do about it. Me and our son took the p*** out of him the rest of the holiday.”

Additional reporting by Josie Le Vay.

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