WWE Star Wants a Shot at Blade’s Mystery MCU Role

WWE superstar Mustafa Ali responds to a casting call for a mystery role in the MCU’s new iteration of Blade that encourages fight experience.

A WWE superstar is campaigning for a mystery role in the MCU’s Blade film. Kevin Feige announced the new iteration of Marvel’s famous half-vampire superhero at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, directed by Bassam Tariq and featuring Mahershala Ali in the title role. The film will arrive with Marvel’s Phase 4 slate of superhero movies, though The Eternals has already introduced Ali’s Blade in a post-credits sequence.

Blade will be the title character’s first foray into the MCU and his first silver screen appearance since the Wesley Snipes-led trilogy from 1998-2004. While there is no official release date or plot synopsis yet, Blade has historically followed the half-human/half-vampire as he hunts the supernatural, blood-sucking creatures and grapples with his own identity. To combat a swath of villains, usually vampiric, Blade has teamed with various humans and superheroes over the years, including the Avengers.


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SmackDown! star Mustafa Ali took to Twitter and tagged Marvel Studios directly to share his interest in an unannounced role in the MCU’s Blade project, which could be following a unique storyline. The casting call is not verified yet but describes a South Asian male in his 20s-30s who is open to training but encourages fight experience. The character description reads, “Though he’s taken a vow of silence, his eyes tell us he has been through strife.”

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Fans have joined Ali on Twitter in campaigning for the professional wrestler to fill Marvel’s mystery role. The 35-year-old has been with the WWE since 2016 and has nearly 19 years of in-ring experience that could be beneficial to an action-heavy Blade role. He is also of Pakistani descent, filling the South Asian requirement of the casting call. Online speculation leads to the mystery character being Taj Nital, a vampire hunter who appeared in Tomb of Dracula #3 in 1972 and had his throat ripped out following an attack by Vlad Dracula. The famed “daywalker” Blade later appears in Tomb of Dracula #10, teaming up with Nital’s allies Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing to hunt Dracula.

Although the cause for Nital’s muteness in the comics differs from the “vow of silence” described in the casting call, it wouldn’t be beyond Marvel to experiment with the character’s origin. Strengthening the speculation are other casting calls that fans believe could be for the other vampire hunters in Nital’s unit, Harker and van Helsing. Ali has the build, ethnic background, and stunt experience demanded by the role, so he could be a perfect fit, all while introducing a character into the MCU that Blade fans haven’t seen before, even in the New Line Cinema films. Furthermore, it implies the potential reintroduction of Dracula, which itself could be an intriguing casting opportunity.

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