Xbox Wants To Put Players First, No Matter Where Or How They Play

Microsoft and Xbox detailed new plans for xCloud and Xbox Game Pass to continue empowering gamers and increasing game access to bring people together.

Days ahead of the first Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Microsoft reiterated its commitment to empowering gamers and increasing game access to bring people together by detailing new plans for xCloud and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, which is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, in March 2021 and made its eight development studios part of Xbox. This acquisition brought well-known game franchises to Microsoft’s studios, including the Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls, and the Wolfenstein games. Bethesda games were added to Xbox Game Pass later that week, making them accessible to PC and console players.

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At the 2019 E3 conference, Xbox Head Phil Spencer spoke on how Xbox was focused on empowering the Xbox community and making games accessible for everyone. Xbox has been progressively making progress on these goals to grow Xbox into an inclusive community. Since 2018, Xbox has acquired 17 development studios for new first-party games from Xbox. Additionally, to make games more accessible to whatever a player’s need is, Xbox branched into cloud gaming (xCloud), which enabled players to stream games to a smartphone/device and enabled Xbox-to-PC streaming.

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In a show that Xbox is continuing its dedication to empowering all players, Microsoft shared updates that are coming to Xbox Game and discussed the importance of gaming ahead of the joint showcase with Bethesda this Sunday. “We believe that Microsoft can play a leading role in democratizing gaming and defining the future of interactive entertainment,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as part of this statement. Currently, Xbox is working with TV manufacturers to embed Xbox into smart, internet-connected TVs so users can play with only a controller (no console needed) and they are building a streaming device for cloud gaming making it possible to play on any TV/monitor without a console. Additionally, Xbox is working on a new purchase model with telecommunications provides to allow consumers to purchase a console and Game Pass for a monthly price.

Determined to continue expanding its first-party offered games, Xbox now has a goal of releasing at least one new first-party game every quarter. “Games build bridges and forge bonds, generating mutual empathy among people all over the world. Joy and community – that’s why we’re here,” said Spencer. Later this year, cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan, as well as update the Xbox app on PC to enable cloud gaming.

In recent years, Xbox has certainly been trying to make its name synonymous with accessibility in gaming. Xbox created an adaptive controller for gamers and has tremendously increased game access for Xbox users. Where it was once solely Xbox was owned by Microsoft, they are now more integrated together. It’s exciting to see this partnership grow with the focus staying on making its community inclusive and its games accessible and diverse. More than 90% of Game Pass members have played a game that they would not have tried without Game Pass, which makes it hard to argue against Xbox wanting players to have accessible options. With this potentially including Xbox App or service embedded in TVs as well as a streaming device so a console isn’t needed, it’s clear that Xbox and Microsoft want one thing from its users: to play.

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