Yolanda Leak Steps Out on Social Media with a New Man

After being the victim of a catfish scheme and a broken engagement, Yolanda deserves a happy ending and just went IG official with her new boyfriend.

Yolanda Leak had one of the most straightforward catfish storylines on 90 Day Fiancé, so after all she went through on the show, fans were thrilled to see her go Instagram official with her new man. Yolanda showed off her new boyfriend on 90 Days Bares All, but he hadn’t yet graced her social media feed. Yolanda has gone through a lot, and now after all the catfish drama, she seems to be thriving with the new love in her life.

On 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Yolanda was involved in an online relationship with “Williams,” and despite the obvious clues she was being catfished, Yolanda continued to try to make things work. Of course, there was no Williams and fans weren’t surprised when she ended up broken-hearted on her season. But Yolanda is a resilient woman and didn’t let the catfishing mishap get in the way of her happiness.

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Although Yolanda was briefly engaged to Josh Seiter from The Bachelorette, that relationship didn’t pan out, and the couple broke off their engagement. However, Yolanda has rebounded with a new man named Johnny. The couple looked very happy in the selfies Yolanda shared, which she captioned “hot date with my boo!!” and “swimming in a sea of (love).” Johnny even commented on the photos with several cute emojis.

After all the catfishing drama with Williams and her unfortunate breakup with her fiancé Josh, fans are glad to see her so happy with someone new. Yolanda may have been naive to the ways of internet catfish on her season of Before the 90 Days, but she seems to have a good heart, so it’s hard for fans to not root for her. Although she may have been a little clueless, Yolanda has clearly learned a valuable lesson and is in a much healthier relationship.

There are a lot of 90 Day Fiancé stars that fans think are problematic or unlikeable; however, Yolanda has always seemed like a sweetheart, if a little misguided occasionally. She looks overjoyed with Johnny, and it seems like he’s treating her well so far. After everything she’s been through, Yolanda deserves a happy ending, and fans are just as excited for her as she is. Yolanda’s journey on and off the show was tumultuous, but clearly it was all worth it.

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Source: Yolanda Leak/Instagram

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