Zara Tindall: Fashion experts discuss her style over the years

Abbey Booth, the founder of Stories With Clothes, told the following:

“Zara’s style has evolved from her twenties where she expressed a rebellious side to her style with a tongue piercing, the first Royal to do so and once wearing a very low cut red dress to an awards dinner with then-boyfriend, jockey Richard Johnson.

“Zara also didn’t wear much jewellery before becoming engaged to Mike Tindall, indicating her outdoor and practical lifestyle not always being compatible with expensive jewellery.

“She has since embraced wearing simple, elegant pieces and even launched her own equestrian-inspired jewellery range back in 2015.

“Zara embraces colour particularly teals, reds, navy and purples and print with bold florals and check prints being favoured recently.

“She recently wore a striped dress by Polo Ralph Lauren when attending Wimbledon, for Royal Ascot, she opted for British Brand Me&Em with a playful polka dot print.

“Zara has also worn daring colour blocking outfits with ease in the past and does love a hat which creates drama and polish in her looks.

“Clearly part of a loving and supportive relationship and enables certain freedoms from not being a working member of the Royal Family, her recent style exudes a confident woman having fun with her style and really owning her space.”

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